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Creative minds require creative recruiting

The range of products today is greater than ever before - and the diversity continues to increase. Product managers work at the interface between the requirements of numerous stakeholders. To do this, they need creativity and sensitivity in equal measure. They use their ability to think visionarily and prioritise in a targeted manner in order to maximise the company's success. This goes hand in hand with the user experience (UX). With a great deal of empathy, these employees adopt the customer's perspective. Employees in product and UX management are truly multi-talented - and they are becoming increasingly sought-after. With a creative selection process for these creative minds, CareerTeam Switzerland helps your company to find these specialists. We actively approach suitable talent. Thanks to our software-supported recruiting process, we can present you with the first suitable profiles after just 14 days. We always focus on the perfect fit between client and candidate. We are your contact for Product and UX - whether you are on the hunt for Product Owners, Scrum Masters or UX Designers.


What we do

Expertise and Network

Our 260 consultants offer expertise in almost every field. Our active network, which we are constantly expanding, and the more than 770,000 contacts in our database provide the solid basis for this.

Digital search process

Our digital, multi-channel search process enables us to find “hidden candidates”. This is supported by our usage and improvement of the best tools and processes.
Thanks to our complete, cross-channel screening of the entire market, we know the most important trends.

Excellent Service

Real empathy beats elbow mentality: Our incentive structure promotes collaboration among our consultants, across the boundaries of teams and countries. Always with the central focus: Client Happiness.


85% of the presented candidates are invited by our customers for an interview.

On average, we send 4 candidates until the position is successfully filled.


The first interviews with our customers take place within 20 days.

Successful placement of the position after 63 days - on average.


Weekly Jour Fixe (status update based on KPIs, presentation of candidates, feedback and market observations) as well as detailed evaluation of candidates after a multi-level assessment.


The success factor par excellence

When confronted with the term product management, the vast majority of people first think of products from well-known brands aimed at end consumers. However, the term encompasses more than just fast food, trainers and smartphones. Every company offers products and services. Product management is therefore of central importance for all companies. No matter how good a company is, its products are the key success factor. Often the most important source of revenue, they decide whether a company wins or loses. It is therefore particularly important to have a capable team in this area. Our world is now changing almost by the minute. Good product managers are therefore constantly working on the further development and optimisation of products. After all, standing still here is synonymous with taking a step backwards, and the picture is similar for the UX department. Good products are not bought if the customer experience is not right. To ensure that the quality of the offering is reflected in the customer experience, these areas must work together seamlessly.


What our clients have to say

Marco Bofinger
Hr Management - Urban Sports Club

Effizienter Austausch und offenes, ehrliches Feedback waren der Grundstein der Zusammenarbeit mit CareerTeam. Wir waren mit der schnellen und effektiven Suche 
sehr zufrieden.

Frank Hasselmann
Managing Director - Digitec Galaxus
Tiziano Lenoci
Leiter Marketing/Vertrieb und Digital Innovation - GVB Gruppe

If you are looking for an efficient headhunter who uses modern methods to quickly find suitable profiles via the appropriate channels and has an extensive, international network of digital minds, I can warmly recommend CareerTeam.

Tiziano Lenoci
Leiter Marketing/Vertrieb und Digital Innovation - GVB Gruppe
Iman Nahvi
Co-Founder & CEO - Advertima

CareerTeam Switzerland understands our strategy and the resulting requirements for the key profiles. I was impressed by the quality of the profiles delivered. As far as C-Levels are concerned, Fabian Weber is the right person to contact.

Iman Nahvi
Co-Founder & CEO - Advertima
Roland Diethelm
Geschäftsführer - Zehnder Group Produktion

The process was efficient and professional. It was noticeable that digital entrepreneurs and HR consultants go hand in hand at CareerTeam. I would hire Fabian Weber and his team again at any time.

Roland Diethelm
Geschäftsführer - Zehnder Group Produktion
Jeremias Meier
Co-Founder and former CEO - Bexio

The co-operation with CareerTeam was extremely professional and we were presented with very high-quality profiles within a very short time. The entire organisation was excellent: I only had minimal coordination work and the recruiter responsible ensured that the process ran efficiently with well-structured follow-ups. I can recommend Fabian Weber and his team without reservation.

Jeremias Meier
Co-Founder and former CEO - Bexio

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