Time for the Next Chapter: Our new Office in the Heart of the City

Exciting news! We're delighted to share that our company has reached a significant milestone in its development—we've relocated to a new office in the heart of Zurich! Check out this article for all the details on our move. Additionally, we're providing best practices and helpful tips in case your company is gearing up for a similar move.

Stay tuned for our next issue, where we'll be exploring modern workplaces in today's dynamic business world.

Sought and found

Pack it all up, transport it, unpack, and be done. Moving is usually not as straightforward as initially thought. Especially since a crucial step precedes the packing: the search for the new office. Questions to consider include, in addition to the budget, whether the company will expand in the near future and how crucial good transportation connections and a prime location are. Depending on these factors, the appropriate search method, such as a professional agency or online advertisements, can be chosen.

In our small Switzerland, it's worthwhile to focus on a specific channel, allowing the search to spread within the chosen sector and providing the opportunity to leverage industry networks.

In our case, this method, combined with perseverance and a bit of luck, led to success. Negotiating skills are, of course, advantageous.

However, the final choice of our new office space in Zurich was also strategically planned: its central location in the heart of the city is easily accessible for both our employees and business contacts. Modern workspaces should not only be inspiring but also easily reachable, and our new office meets both criteria.

Preparation is key

Once we located and secured the right office, the actual move was ready to kick off. However, even at this stage, a couple of hurdles awaited us. The key to success lies in thorough preparation. Ideally, it should be clarified beforehand how many people are available to assist and who will be responsible for each task. It's absolutely crucial that everyone sticks to their assigned duties, or things can quickly spiral into chaos.

Yet, even after overcoming this initial challenge, chaos has a way of deviating from plans. We were taken aback by the sheer volume of accumulated stuff in the office over the years. Alongside the classics like old laptops, heaps of office supplies, and tangled cables, we stumbled upon our beloved unicorn inflatable boat. Ever tried transporting a 13-person inflatable unicorn boat through the city? If you have, you know the importance of having ample packing materials on hand in such a situation—or perhaps a river at your doorstep. For us, it boiled down to the former. Once everything was packed up, we could finally embark on our journey to the new office!

Home, sweet home 

Upon our arrival at our new digs, the initial task at hand was moving boxes around. Yet, once we conquered that challenge, we were rewarded with a stunning view from our brand-new rooftop terrace. Nestled in the city center, it provides a sweeping panorama of Zurich's rooftops and vibrant surroundings. This space now serves not only as a spot to relish breaks with a panoramic view but also as a venue for creative meetings, where the urban backdrop serves as a wellspring of inspiration.

With the relocation officially wrapped up, we were ready to dive back into work—or so we thought. Reality hit when we realized our relocation team had outpaced the telecommunications crew we had enlisted. In simpler terms, it translated to no internet reception but instead a temporary home office setup. Fortunately, being accustomed to hybrid work, we swiftly navigated this hiccup.

However, essential elements like internet connectivity, especially in new buildings, power, and water, should undoubtedly be sorted out in advance. Otherwise, issues may arise, particularly in companies where employees are accustomed to on-site work.

A happy end is in sight

We've seamlessly settled into our new office space, where modern technology and a flexible layout have played a pivotal role. This combination creates an ideal foundation for fostering innovative ideas, promoting effective teamwork, and nurturing creativity. Whether it's collaborative brainstorming sessions or focused individual work, our office provides a diverse range of spaces tailored to modern working needs.

If you're intrigued and want to learn more, feel free to drop by Weinplatz 10.

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